Shards Vue

A high-quality & free Vue UI kit featuring a modern design system with dozens of custom components.


Shards Vue features a minimal footprint and is highly optimized for blazing-fast performance.

Well Documented

Every component in Shards Vue is properly documented for a smooth developer experience.

Code Quality

Shards Vue is built from scratch while following modern development best practices.

Modern Design System

The Vue version of Shards is featuring the same modern design system that makes Shards special so you can impress your users with smooth micro-interactions and a beautiful overall user experience.

Modern Design System
Source Files

Source Files

Shards Vue is open source on GitHub and available as an NPM package. However, you can also download it here and access the original core files so you can get your hands dirty and extend the kit to fit your own needs.


Shards Vue provides support for the Material and Fontawesome icon packs. It also comes packed with all the custom components available in Shards, including datepickers, range sliders, toggle inputs and more.



  • Makes working with Vue even easier

    I love Shards Vue – and the support I’ve received so far has been really useful. Overall – excellent!


    Good stuff!

  • Awesome theme

    Just love it with the Vue js

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