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Resources for web designers – February 2018

A monthly collection of the best resources for web designers including high-quality tools, design assets, learning resources and many others.

Resources for web designers – February 2018

The following is a retrospective of some of the best and most useful resources for web designers including tools, plugins, UI kits and many others that we curated during February 2018.

1. Sketch Plugins

Diya - A Sketch plugin that provides a powerful timeline animation tool. Timeline animations directly in Sketch


Diya extends Sketch with a timeline editor that you can use to create, export and share powerful prototypes with anyone.

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Paddy - A Sketch plugin that keeps your symbols' padding consistent.


Paddy is a nifty Sketch plugin that keeps your symbol paddings consistent.

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2. Tools

Haiky - A powerful prototyping tool that integrates with Sketch.


Haiku allows you to import your Sketch documents, create powerful animations and export your components to any React, Vue, or vanilla JS codebase. Not only that but all animations created in Haiku work natively in any iOS or Android app, by exporting to Lottie.

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PixelSnap - Measure everything on your screen.


PixelSnap is a small and powerful screen measuring tool for Mac OS that works everywhere.

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Gifski - Convert your videos to high quality GIFs.


Gifski is an open-source Mac OS app that lets you quickly convert videos to high-quality GIFs

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4. Utilities & Libraries

FilePond.js - A JavaScript library for file uploads.


A JavaScript library with a great and accessible silky smooth user experience that can upload anything you throw at it and optimizes images for faster uploads.

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Polacode - Share beautiful snapshots of your code

Polacode – VS Code Extension

Polacode is a Visual Studio Code extension that creates beautiful snapshots of your code for you to share.

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dotColors - Visualize arrays of colors


Dealing with arrays of colors but you’re having a hard time visualizing them? Just drop them into .colors().

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Duotone - Apply duotone effects to your images


Duotone provides a simple way of applying a customizable duotone effect on any uploaded image or any image from the Unsplash collection.

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5. UI Kits & Templates

Fluid by Framer - A free iOS 11 UI kit

Fluid UI Kit

Fluid is a free iOS 11 UI kit from Framer.

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Dropcast - a free HTML and Sketch template

Dropcast Template

Dropcast is a free HTML and Sketch template perfect for podcast landing pages or blogs.

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6. Icon Packs

Pixelicons - A collection of 300 free icons


A collection of 300 free and beautiful icons in three variations: flat colors, lines, and solid fills.

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Icon54 - Premium icon pack with 5000 icons

Icon54 Premium Icon Pack

A premium icon pack with 4000+ beautiful icons from Icon54.

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7. Fonts

Faune typeface by Alice Savoie


A free and beautiful typeface family designed by Alice Savoie.

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Highlander marker font


A free handwritten marker script.

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Other Assets

Epic spinners

Epic Spinners

A free collection of CSS spinners that can also be integrated with Vue.

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SVG Backgrounds

SVG Backgrounds

Free and customizable SVG backgrounds.

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8. Learning

Laws of UX

Laws of UX

A collection of 14 principles that designers may consider when building interfaces.

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Learn Flexbox for Free

Learn Flexbox for Free

A 12 part screencast series that will take you from a beginner to advanced Flexbox user.

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9. Great Reads

What are your favorite tools or resources released this month? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below! 😁

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Catalin Vasile

Catalin Vasile

Catalin is a design focused engineer and founder of DesignRevision. When he’s not working on a project, he likes to read, watch movies and take long hikes.

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