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Product Update: Shards 2.0.0 – Bootstrap 4 Final Support

The latest version of Shards comes with support for the final version of Bootstrap 4, multiple bug fixes and overall codebase improvements.

Product Update: Shards 2.0.0 – Bootstrap 4 Final Support

We have updated Shards to the final version of Bootstrap 4, fixed multiple issues and improved the overall codebase.

Almost three weeks ago the final update of Bootstrap 4 was officially released with a series of major improvements and bug fixes. This was the grand signal we were waiting for before updating Shards and providing compatibility with a newer Bootstrap version.

We were aware of the risks involved when building a product on top of a framework that’s still in beta and decided to avoid providing any further updates until a stable version of Bootstrap 4 is released. The reason behind this decision was to reduce the development overhead and the risk of a feature not making it into the final release.

During the past few weeks, we put a lot of effort into upgrading Shards and making sure that every component is fully compatible with the final version of Bootstrap 4. This update also comes with some breaking changes, multiple bug fixes, and overall codebase improvements.

Our plan in the future is to extend the extras collection with more items, improve the documentation and keep Shards in better sync with the progress made by the Bootstrap team while providing more frequent updates and bug fixes.

We hope you will enjoy Shards as much as we are striving to make it the best it can possibly be and we are looking forward to your feedback and suggestions for improvements.

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Catalin Vasile

Catalin Vasile

Catalin is a design focused engineer and founder of DesignRevision. When he’s not working on a project, he likes to read, watch movies and take long hikes.

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