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Shards Dashboard Pro

Bootstrap 4 Template
A premium collection of 21 hand-crafted templates and lots of custom components for rapid admin dashboard development.

* All purchase options are billed every year for support and updates and the included content may vary based on your license selection. You have the option to cancel your subscription at any time.


All templates are fully responsive and able to adapt and reflow their layout to any screen size.

Well Documented

The entire package is well documented so you can start building beautiful admin dashboards as soon as possible.

Support & Updates

Feeling stuck? Don’t worry! Just open a new ticket and we’ll assist you as soon as possible.

Components & Templates

The package ships with 21 custom templates and dozens of components built to meet almost any type of admin dashboard requirements.

Components & Templates
Support for Plugins

Support for Plugins

Right out of the box the kit provides support for multiple 3rd-party plugins including Chart.js, DataTables, Dropzone.js, FullCalendar and many more.

Icon Packs

Icons from both Material and Font Awesome packs (1500+) are supported by default and can be placed in almost any element without the need of adjusting the kit.

Icon Packs
Source Files

Source Files

We've included the original Sketch* and SCSS files so you can get your hands dirty, by creating new layouts or even customizing and recompiling the kit to fit your needs.

But that’s not all…

Here’s an extensive list with all the features:

  • Analytics Stats Overview Template
  • eCommerce Stats Overview Template
  • Transaction History Template
  • Calendar Template
  • Icon Sidebar Variation Template
  • File Manager List View Template
  • File Manager Cards View Template
  • User Profile Template
  • Edit User Profile Template
  • User Register Template
  • User Login Template
  • Forgot Password Template
  • Change Password Template
  • Bootstrap 4 (final) Support

* The Sketch files are included only in the Standard Plus and Extended license packages.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if you’re not satisfied with our product. No questions asked!


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