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    The <d-link> component is a wrapper over regular <a> links or <router-link>s and it is used behind the scenes across multiple components.

    Note: Most components that use the <d-link> component are properly documented so you can see where you can take advantage of the props provided by this component.

    Basic Example

    Creating a regular link using the <d-link> component is fairly simple.

    <d-link href="#lorem-ipsum">My Link</d-link>
    <!-- link-1.vue -->

    Router Links

    Using the to prop will turn the link into a <router-link> component.

    Disabled State

    Using the disabled prop you can set your link as disabled.


    :hrefThe link href.StringnullFalse
    :toThe router location.String | ObjectnullFalse
    :disabledWhether the link is disabled, or not.BooleanfalseFalse
    :targetThe link target.String"_self"False
    :relThe link rel.StringnullFalse
    :exactWhether the route is exact, or not.UndefinedFalse
    :exact-active-classThe class name attached when the route is exact,String"active"False
    :activeWhether the link is active, or not.BooleanfalseFalse
    :active-classThe class applied when the link is active.String"active"False
    :tagThe component tag.String"a"False