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    Form Input

    The form input allows you to create various text style inputs such as text, password, email, number, url, search and more.


    The <d-form-input> component is also available as <d-input>.

    Basic Input

    The <d-form-input> component is a text input by default. However, you can set its type prop to one of the supported types as well: text, password, email, number, url, tel, search, date, datetime, datetime-local, month, week, time.

            <d-input v-model="inputValue" class="mb-2" />
            <div v-if="inputValue">🤔 So you're saying: {{ inputValue }}</div>
            <div v-else>😃 Waiting for you to say something!</div>
    export default {
        data: {
            inputValue: ''
    <!-- form-input-1.vue -->

    Supported Types

    The following input types are currently supported.

      <d-container fluid>
        <d-row class="my-1" v-for="type in inputTypes" :key="type">
          <d-col sm="3"><label :for="`type-${type}`">Type {{ type }}:</label></d-col>
          <d-col sm="9"><d-form-input :id="`type-${type}`" :type="type"></d-form-input></d-col>
    export default {
      data () {
        return {
          inputTypes: ['text', 'password', 'email', 'number', 'url','tel', 'date', 'time']
    <!-- form-input-2.vue -->

    Note: The range and color input types are currently not supported.


    Using the size prop, you can change the input size as small (sm) or large (lg).

        <d-form-input size="sm" type="text" placeholder="I'm small" class="mb-2"></d-form-input>
        <d-form-input type="text" placeholder="I'm normal" class="mb-2"></d-form-input>
        <d-form-input size="lg" type="text" placeholder="I'm large"></d-form-input>
    <!-- form-input-3.vue -->

    Validation States

    Using the state prop on the <d-form-input> component you can control the input's validation state.

    The following input states are available:

    • invalid when the input is invalid.
    • valid when the use input is valid.
    • null when the input should display no validation state (neutral).
        <d-form-input type="text" placeholder="I'm Neutral" class="mb-2"></d-form-input>
        <d-form-input :state="true" type="text" placeholder="I'm Valid" class="mb-2"></d-form-input>
        <d-form-input state="invalid" type="text" placeholder="I'm Invalid"></d-form-input>
    <!-- form-input-4.vue -->

    Readonly & Plaintext

    You can also display the input as readonly or plain text using the readonly and plaintext props.


    :typeInput type.String"text"False
    :valueInput value.String | Number""False
    :sizeInput size.StringnullFalse
    :stateInput state. eg: 'valid', 'invalid'Boolean | StringnullFalse
    :nameInput name.StringFalse
    :disabledInput disabled state.BooleanfalseFalse
    :requiredInput required state.BooleanfalseFalse
    :placeholderInput placeholder text.StringnullFalse
    :autocompleteEnable or disable field autocomplete.StringnullFalse
    :plaintextDisplay as plain text and remove styling.BooleanfalseFalse
    :readonlyDisplay as read-only.BooleanfalseFalse
    :aria-invalidThe input `aria-invalid` attribute.Boolean | StringfalseFalse