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10+ Best free React.js tutorials and courses for 2019

In this roundup, we will review some of the best free React tutorials and courses that can help you master React as fast as possible.

10+ Best free React.js tutorials and courses for 2019

In this roundup, we will review some of the best free React tutorials and courses that can help you master React as fast as possible.


Over the last few years, React quickly became one of the most popular UI libraries used by developers. That wasn’t unexpected considering its overall benefits in terms of performance and development practices.

This is also the best year to start learning it with all the invaluable free and accessible resources at your disposal. There are actually more free resources available than you might need, and then some.

In this roundup, we will review some of the best free React tutorials and courses to aid you in your learning adventure. Let’s dive right in!

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1. [Official] Intro to React (Tutorial)

It goes without saying that the best place to start learning React is the actual official documentation. The intro tutorial is aimed to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Do you hate lengthly theorethical introductions? Great! The official tutorial is following a hands-on approach and will take you straight to the most interesting part of your learning process.

By following it, you will create a tic-tac-toe game and will learn about almost all the central pieces of React and how they work. Once you’re done with it, you will have all the bits of knowledge required to advance into more complex applications.

While you’re at it, make sure to bookmark the official documentation for future reference in case you get stuck and want to explore a certain topic in depth.

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2. [Egghead] Start Learning React (Course)

Start Learning React is a free video course created by Joe Maddalone for Egghead that you can binge watch in one hour. It’s broken down in bite sized pieces covering the core elements of React and gradually diving deep into more complex topics.

Start Learning React is a really great short course that you can follow in order to strengthen your knowledge gained from the official tutorial. It’s also very short and manageable so you can get through it as fast as possible. Make sure to check it out!

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3. [Scrimba] Learn React for Free (Course)

Scrimba’s course on React takes a totally different approach to learning. They provide an interactive system that allows you to change the instructor’s code on the fly during the explanation and experiment with the topic explained.

This is a really great method of teaching since most of the time you will also want to play around with the code and see how it works. You also don’t have to worry about breaking anything since once you’ve continued to play the video.

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4. [Egghead] The Beginner’s Guide to React (Course)

Another great course from Egghead is The Beginner’s Guide to React by Kent C. Dodds. This course is a combination of both theory and practice and takes you through almost everything important that React has to offer.

The course is a little bit fast paced and broken down in bite sized pieces of 2 to 8 minutes and you can also binge watch it in almost one hour. Make sure to check it out!

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5. The Road to React (Book)

The Road to React is a free book from Robin Wieruch that takes you from the basics of React to building a Hacker News clone app from scratch. It covers how to use React with both ES5 and ES6, how to implement client-side pagination, caching and interactions such as sorting and searching.

Even though the course is free, it also has a paid counterpart that includes access to 23 source code projects as well as more information about React’s ecosystem.

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6. [LearnCode.academy] React.js Tutorial (Course)

The React.js Tutorial from LearnCode.academy is a thorough 23 part series intended to take you from the core basics to advanced component practices, state management with Flux, Redux as well as MobX.

The course covers everything you need to know about building modern applications using React and also covers common pitfalls such as how to avoid memory leaks, the proper way of handling async requests and more.

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7. Learn React and Redux with Cabin (Tutorial)

The Learn React and Redux with Cabin series is a collection of 7 tutorials aimed at experienced developers that will teach you how to build a feature-rich social network app using React and Redux.

It is created by GetStream, and they also featured how to integrate their own service into the app as well as how to integrate ImgIX, Keen Analytics, Mapbox, Algolia Search and how to host it on DigitalOcean.

Even though it’s quite brief on the explanations, the tutorial also covers some React and Redux best practices and how you can avoid certain pitfalls.

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8. React Crash Course (Tutorial)

The React Crash Course from Mosh is a single 2:30h introductory video that covers the basics of React. If you’re patient, you can probably watch it in one go and get another look at how React works.

The course is quite thorough and well explained and it will certainly augment your existing knowledge if this is not your first take on React.

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9. Free React Bootcamp (Course)

The Free React Bootcamp from Tyler McGinnis is a 4 part, comprehensive React course that also starts from scratch and goes all the way to state management and handling client side routing using React Router.

It’s a little bit slow paced since it was recorded live, but nevertheless it should provide another perspective at handling real-world problems using React. Definitely give it a go!

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10. [CodeCademy] React 101 (Tutorial)

CodeCademy’s React introduction is a very basic, but interactive course on how React works. It starts from scratch and covers the most essential components such as JSX, passing data through props and components state as well as it provides a solid foundation for programming with JavaScript.

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Other noteworthy React learning resources

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There are probably more free React courses available than you need. However, getting your information from multiple perspectives should definitely help you in getting a more thorough and in-depth understanding of how React and its ecosystem work.

The courses above should not only give you a leg-up in terms of approaching and building applications with React, but prepare you with a mindset that can be applied on real-world, production-ready projects.

If there is a free course that I missed and you think that should definitely make the list, please let me know in the comments below.

Also, let me know in the comments below which one is your favorite course? πŸ˜„

Catalin Vasile

Catalin Vasile

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