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5 Free and easy to follow Bootstrap 4 courses

An overview of some of the best free and easy to follow Bootstrap 4 courses that will help you master the framework faster and create better websites.

5 Free and easy to follow Bootstrap 4 courses

In this post we’ll go over a short list of some of the best free Bootstrap 4 courses to help you level up your website building skills.


One of the most asked question since we launched Shards, was how to get started using the toolkit. While the complete answer is not specific to Shards, I thought it would be best to compile a list with some of the best free Bootstrap 4 courses.

Let’s dive right in!

The Bootstrap 4 Documentation Website

1. Official Bootstrap 4 Documentation

The official documentation is not a course per se, but it’s the best resource to learn Bootstrap 4, no doubt. The process of learning a particular subject works best when using information from the original creators. The official documentation is not only well written and concise, but the best place to get an in-depth understanding of all the nuts and bolts that come with the framework.

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Neil Rowe's Bootstrap 4 Course on Scrimba

2. Neil Rowe’s Bootstrap 4 Course on Scrimba

You prefer a more interactive learning session that allows you to fiddle with the code while it’s explained to you? Great! Neil Rowe’s Bootstrap 4 course on Scrimba is the perfect choice for you. The course is structured in 10 bite-sized interactive videos that you can watch in less than an hour. Don’t let its length influence your learning decision. While the course is rather short, Neil does an amazing job on tackling some of the most important features of Bootstrap 4 including how to use the Grid System, Navbars, Forms, Cards and much more.

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Brad Hussey's Bootstrap 4 Course on YouTube

3. Brad Hussey’s Bootstrap 4 Course

Brad Hussey packs a lot in his 3-hours course. He lays out the foundation by covering what’s new in Bootstrap 4 and the basic core concepts. By the end of the course he takes you through the entire process of building 3 custom page templates step-by-step using the framework. Even though Brad uses the Alpha version throughout the course, most of the material covered is still valid, on point and worth watching.

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Drew Ryan's Bootstrap 4 Course

4. Drew Ryan’s Bootstrap 4 Course

Drew Ryan goes through the process of recreating from scratch a simple agency styled page template. The course is very clear and well organized and starts with laying out the page’s structure first then applying all the styles required to not only adjust its appearance but also improve its responsiveness. Throughout the course, Drew does a great job at explaining how each Bootstrap 4 class and utility works and also justifying why he takes that approach in various cases.

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DesignCourse's Bootstrap 4 Course

5. Gary Simon’s Bootstrap 4 Course

Gary Simon from Coursetro also takes a hands-on approach with his one-hour long crash course for Bootstrap 4 beginners. He starts with covering how to set up a basic development environment from scratch and makes progress towards implementing a simple responsive page template. What I like about Gary’s course is the attention to details in regards to the project structure and development practices. While the end result is not focused on visual appearance, it teaches best development practices and great code structure.

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There are lots of free Bootstrap 4 courses available online and this list barely scratched the surface. I did my best to select the courses that I have watched to make sure the content is valuable and of high quality, but choosing one will depend on your own learning style and preference.

What are your favorite free Bootstrap 4 courses? Did I miss one that should have definitely made it to the list? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Catalin Vasile

Catalin Vasile

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