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List Group

List groups allow you to display series of content.

Basic Example

You can create list groups using the ListGroup component with the ListGroupItem sub-component.

  • Cras justo odio
  • Dapibus ac facilisis in
  • Morbi leo risus
  • Porta ac consectetur ac
  • Vestibulum at eros
import React from "react";
import { ListGroup, ListGroupItem } from "shards-react";

export default function ListGroupDemo() {
  return (
      <ListGroupItem>Cras justo odio</ListGroupItem>
      <ListGroupItem>Dapibus ac facilisis in</ListGroupItem>
      <ListGroupItem>Morbi leo risus</ListGroupItem>
      <ListGroupItem>Porta ac consectetur ac</ListGroupItem>
      <ListGroupItem>Vestibulum at eros</ListGroupItem>


The following props are available for the List Group component.

classNameThe class name.String-No
flushWhether the list group should be flushed, or not.Bool-No
smallWhether the list group is small, or not.Bool-No
tagThe component's tag type.FuncString"ul"No


The following subcomponents are available for the ListGroup component.


activeWhether it is active, or not.Bool-No
disabledWhether it is disabled, or not.Bool-No
themeThe theme color.String-No
actionWhether it is an action item, or not.Bool-No
classNameThe class name.String-No
tagThe component's tag type.FuncString"li"No


classNameThe class name.Any-No
tagThe component's tag type.FuncString"h5"No


classNameThe class name.String-No
tagThe component's tag type.FuncString"p"No